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The baby KEA swing is a safe and attractive wood & canvas swing for babies and toddlers. Suitable from 6 months-36 months (30kg/66lbs)

Made with naturally durable materials, the baby KEA swing can be used both indoors and out.

Spring loaded clips mean the swing is easily moved between multiple locations and the timeless, natural design makes this swing blend nicely in to any environment.

Please click on the swing/child image to the right or scroll on for a larger view of the baby KEA swing.

The baby KEA swing is named after an endangered New Zealand mountain parrot. A donation from every swing sold goes towards protecting this bird.
For more info on the KEA parrot and our role in its protection click here.

  • NZ$145.00
    • The Baby Kea Swing - Canvas Swings from New Zealand - Forest Green
    • The Baby Kea Swing - Canvas Swings from New Zealand - Burgundy

Swing Info


Created with our precious children in mind, safety and comfort are paramount in the design of the baby KEA swing.

We create our swings so that you can rest assured in the knowledge that any material your child comes into contact with on our swing is safe for them to touch, suck and chew on and that your child is comfortable, safe and secure in the swing.

The baby KEA swing has a deep and generous seat, providing support on all four sides. The beads are oiled with non toxic tung oil. The rope is soft high performance braid and our screw eyes and spring loaded hooks are closed.

Indoor Outdoor

Made from weather proof materials this swing is designed to last and withstand the outdoors. It is made from naturally durable timber, rot proof canvas, high performance rope and zinc platted fittings so you can happily use this swing both indoors and out.

Packing and Convenience

The carabine hooks make it very easy to move the swing between multiple locations with very little effort.
The swing also packs down flat making it convenient for you to transport or store. The packaging is also recyclable.


It comes with a 5 year warranty. Please click here for the warranty, to register your swing and for terms and conditions.

Instructions and Maintenance

Please follow this link to view instructions on the installation of your swing, maintenance, helpful tips and safety advice.

Our Story

Holmsater, the parent company of the baby KEA swing, is a family run business, based on the principles of high quality, fair price, caring for the environment and contributing to society. Founded on the dream of creating employment in the countryside it came about when we couldn't find a natural , quality swing for our daughter Solvej.

This dream, along with the joy that other parents and children have shared with us, continues to inspire us today, 20 years later, to constantly endeavour to improve and do our best by our dream, values and customers.

Our Responsibilities

At Holmsater we also feel a strong responsibility to do our best by both society and the environment in every aspect of the business.
While our company does this through both day to day eco-friendly practices and our environmental and social initiatives the baby KEA swing also has it's own special connection to it's name sake; the Kea bird, through donations made to the Kea Conservation Trust with each swing sale.

Us and The Kea
-protecting our native birds

The endangered Kea is the only alpine parrot species in the world and is only found in the South Island of New Zealand (see shaded area of map in About Us) Highly adaptive and creative they are considered by scientists to be one of the most intelligent bird species in the world. This intelligence and curiosity has created difficulties* with humans resulting in severe persecution of the species over the last 150 years.

The Kea is a large parrot, measuring about 0.5m long with a wingspan of up to 1m. They are predominantly olive-green with dark olive brown feathers on the side of their face, yellow stripes on their underside and mottled matte blue wings with black tips. Their most startling feature is their vibrant orange feathers on the underside of their wings.

We believe it is important to both act on and educate about protecting our native birds. With every sale of a baby KEA swing Holmsater donates to the Kea Conservation Trust.

We are looking forward to travel to the Kea's habitat in the future to help with one of the Kea Conservation Trust Projects.

To learn more or make a donation go to


The Benefits of Swinging

There are many benefits of swinging for both you and your child.

Advantages for parents

There are times when you want to get things done without your baby/toddler clinging to you. Just pop baby in the swing, close at hand, where he/she can see you and feel part of what you are doing. An occasional push and conversation will keep baby entertained while you get on with the job. A perfect example is when you are preparing dinner, a time when baby can be tired and grumpy. The rocking movements of the swing more often than not makes the baby go to sleep.

If your child is having trouble with focus or emotional regulation try encouraging them to swing. Swinging can provide a good solution to anxiety, aggressiveness, or lack of focus and is easy, fun and free of side effects.

Benefits for your child

Relaxation & Fun

Swinging has the amazing ability to act as both a stimulant or a relaxant. This means that whether your child is tired, grumpy, or in an active mood swinging suits! The smooth rhythmic movement has great settling and calming effects which often calm a fussy baby or will lull them to sleep. At the same time an active or bored child looking for stimulation will get excitement from the rush of swinging, the feeling of flying, weightless at the top of the swing and the rush as you swing down again.

There are also the many physical development benefits from swinging;

Spatial Awareness & Balance

Swinging is hands down one of the most effective ways for your child to develop spacial awareness and sense of balance. This is because swinging involves almost all the different movements through space and repeats these at quick intervals. It is a well known fact that one of the most effective way to learn is to use  repetitive, sequential and rhythmic patterns. Swinging provides these patterns repeated with short intervals, so there is a lot of learning happening while the child is having pure fun. Can it get better than that? While swinging there are constant changes in height, speed, horizontal distance, G-Force and leaning forwards and backwards.

Sight Development (focus)

These constant changes also aid in sight development as the change in horizontal distance means eyes must constantly adjust their depth of focus. This creates quick reflexes while strengthening the eye muscles.

Gross Motor Skills - Co-ordination

When children are pushed in a swing, or when they propel a swing themselves, they engage all their muscles and joints to hold on, balance and coordinate their body to the swinging motion. This is not only great for overall muscle development but also develops gross motor skills.

The timing and use of muscles necessary to make the swing move and to speed up or slow down is usually difficult for children to learn and a great activity to develop co-ordination. This comes into play more as a child gets older and learns to swing themselves.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your children swinging!

Fantastic, well constructed wee swing. Our 9 month daughter LOVES it. Lots of giggles and laughter.
Sally, Christchurch

Hi, just a quick email to say that I am very impressed with the quality and make of the baby Kea swing. It looks great too! Many thanks

Thank you so much for your wonderful service - our swing arrived yesterday!! Looking forward to getting it up and seeing it get lots of
Will be sure to let you know how much we love it & send through some photos. Thanks again,

Just a note to let you know that I received the baby Kea swing this morning. The swing looks absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait until the summer when my baby is old enough to sit in it!
Thanks again
Nicky Bos

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